Jason Momoa Lookalike Jack Matthews

When Jack Matthews walked into the Big Brother house with his jacked build, beard, and long, luscious locks, he grew to become the Internet’s head together with his striking resemblance to movie star Jason Momoa. But his behavior inside the two weeks due to the fact has been sufficient to alienate the target audience, to the point in which a few visitors are actively campaigning to get him kicked off the display.

It turns out that Jack, a health trainer from Tampa, Florida, is conscious that he’s no longer an awful-looking guy. So an awful lot so, in truth, that he believes he’s doing ladies a prefer whilst he offers them the time of day — in particular, if he deems them to be less appealing than himself.

For instance, Jack said at one point that he most effective flirts with fellow competitor Jess to make her feel accurate about herself as if this is an act of charity. Which is condescending, but made outright gross with the aid of the reality he has also referred to Jess (who is Puerto Rican) as “Consuela.” He additionally made a racist commentary approximately any other houseguest, Ovi Kabir, speakme trash about him and calling him “blue flame” then smirkingly adding: “brown flame.”

Then there may be his inexplicable hatred toward Kemi, whom he has called a “bitch” and a “maggot,” in addition to threatening to “fuck her up.” Charming, virtually.

Here’s the important thing approximately being on Big Brother that Jack appears to have forgotten; the display would possibly handiest put out a few hours of edited pictures consistent with week, but houseguests are being recorded 24/7, and fanatics are able to watch them at any time thru stay-feeds. All of which means, in case you say something absolutely heinous, even though it would not make it to the primary broadcast, people are going to pay attention to it.

And while little of this has been shown on TV, Jack did allude to a verbal exchange with the manufacturers wherein it feels like he changed into given a caution approximately his behavior.

But some lovers aren’t glad for Jack’s destiny to be left up to the usual eviction vote. Despite only having been within the residence for 2 weeks, Jack’s language and conduct round the opposite contestants have led Big Brother visitors to launch a petition to have him removed from the competition, which has already received over 2,500 signatures. While it is not going that a Change.Org petition will impact the outcome of a truth show, it actually seems inside the realm of opportunity that the impossibly conceited Jack will supply his housemate’s sufficient rope with which to cling him.

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