Jason Statham and John Mayer Nail

Internet challenges are commonly pretty lame. Remember planking? The less stated, the better. Every occasion, but social media is blessed with an, in reality, cool or funny concept that offers pretty much everybody with a telephone and an Instagram copes with a danger to sign up for in at the fun. The state-of-the-art of these is the #bottlecapchallenge, and if you can pull it off, it seems downright first-rate.

The premise is simple, but the execution is callous. Grab a bottle, preferably with an extended neck and a robust screw pinnacle. Then, throw a spinning back kick to unscrew the cap with a mild touch of your foot because it passes—without whacking the bottle into oblivion. Sounds hard, right? The mission first seems to have gained traction whilst ACRONYM designer Errolson Hugh posted a video of his hit try to Instagram and challenged MMA champ, Max Holloway, to try it next.

Once Holloway unsurprisingly nailed the challenge, he exceeded it along to, of everyone, musician John Mayer. Mayer popped the pinnacle clear off the bottle, then referred to as on the Transporter himself, Jason Statham. The actor, who’s presently selling his new Fast and Furious by-product, Hobbes and Shaw, took a destroy from junket existence to execute the concept flawlessly. Next up, if they take Statham’s provocation: director Guy Ritchie and MMA fighter James Moonstasri.

But these famous men were not the best humans posting videos of themselves kicking bottles. The fashion is commencing on Instagram, as each person is attempting to get in at the action. My personal preferred comes from Muay Thai champion John Wayne Parr, who used his elite kicking skills to put his personal spin at the idea with a can:

Want to take at the #BottleCapChallenge yourself? Most of those guys appear to have used glass liquor bottles. However, we advocate that you clutch a sturdy plastic one as a substitute if your tries go incorrect. Also, until you are a martial arts expert, make certain that you’re carrying shoes have plenty of space to spin and recover from your strive. After all, you are attempting to drag off something that appears absolutely cool right here—now not grow to be in one in every of our #FridayFails motion pictures.

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