Jacqueline Fernandez reveals her beauty secrets


Jacqueline Fernandez opened up about her non-public style and health, recurring aside from sharing numerous anecdotes about herself in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar India. The 33-12 months-vintage actress is desirous about comfort as she described her private style as: “It’s very comfortable. I’ll wear something is in my wardrobe; it simply desires to be something I can breathe in.

Speaking of an outfit that she felt the most empowered in, Jacqueline noted the Yousef Al Jasmi ensemble that she wore throughout the Filmfare Awards in Oman. “I these days wore this stunning gown via Yousef Al Jasmi for the Filmfare Awards in Oman. It became my favored shade-an an icy salmon-crimson. And there had been sequins and feathers on it. It changed into very extravagant, however balanced, which I loved,” Jacqueline added.

Jacqueline Fernandez reveals her beauty secrets 1

During the interview, Jacqueline additionally described her lifestyle – her morning ordinary is pretty easy. “I take a shower as quickly as I wake up. And then after my exercise, I like to have a bulletproof coffee,” she said. Speaking of health, Jacqueline shared her 2019 goal, pronouncing; she wants to do a backflip and a right handstand. “And a full status breaks up,” she delivered. Let’s move to splendor now. Looking for a recommendation?

Ice continually does the trick. And I might say that an excellent blush and eyeliner do plenty to wake up the face,” Jacqueline brought. During her communication with Harper’s Bazaar India, Jacqueline additionally said that she enjoys her journey and vacations. It is her ‘best extravagant.’e.’ This aside, she additionally enjoys analyzing. As a child, Jacqueline said, she loved analyzing: “My Family and Other Animals, Animal Farm, books by using Paulo Coelho, there are pretty a few.

It seems that Jacqueline is quite keen on animals as she said that if not an actor, she’d have to turn out to be a flora and fauna documentarian. At the moment, Jacqueline is reading the Autobiography of a Yogi via Paramahansa Yogananda. “I’ve were given quite a few my reading cloth from scripts as well,” she stated.

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