Can the Rife system deal with cancer?


A Rife system produces low-energy electromagnetic waves, which might be similar to radio waves. Proponents claim that using the device on the frame can cure most cancers and treat different situations, together with HIV. There is no evidence that Rife machines have any effect on most cancers or can remedy HIV. Some more moderen research advises that different kinds of electromagnetic waves might also affect tumor boom. However, those frequencies are one-of-a-kind from those the Rife system produces.

Can the Rife system deal with cancer? 1

In this article, we speak about what Rife machines are and whether there is any evidence that they could treat most cancers. We also cowl facet outcomes and risks and concerns.

What is a Rife device?

American scientist Royal Raymond Rife invented the Rife device in the course of the Twenties and Nineteen Thirties. The gadget he advanced produces very low-power electromagnetic waves similar to radio waves and undetectable to the human ear. A regular Rife device consists of a controller container and electrical pads, which a person both attaches to their hands or toes. The device passes electromagnetic frequency through them.

Into the frame. Proponents of the Rife machine accept that human beings can deal with illnesses, such as cancer, by using this tool for a couple of minutes each day, multiple times every week. Other names for Rife machines include Rife frequency turbines and Rife ray machines. Manufacturers have additionally offered these devices under a huge sort of brand name through the years.

What are its claims to curing cancer?

Rife based a lot of his ideas on the paintings of Dr. Albert Abrams, some other scientist who invented similar machines. Abrams claimed that sicknesses gave off a specific electromagnetic frequency, a principle that he named “radionics. Rife invented several optical microscopes, which he believed may want to visualize the auras of residing microbes, including viruses that no different microscopes on time should hit upon.

Rife additionally claimed that he could use the color of the auras to calculate the electromagnetic frequency of those microbes. Rife theorized that these microbes had been accountable for most cancers and lived interior of the tumor cells. He believed that detecting their unique electromagnetic frequency and transmitting this into someone’s body might kill the microbes by vibrating them at a “mortal oscillatory price” and cure the sickness.

What does the evidence say?

According to a 2013 review, no medical proof shows that the Rife gadget or similar devices can deal with most cancers. The American Medical Association condemned Rife’s experiments at the time, and unbiased researchers have been unable to copy the claims he made in his work. More current research does propose that electromagnetic frequency may have a place in most cancers treatment. However, those frequencies are special from those the Rife gadget emits.

For example, in 2012, a look published within the British Journal of Cancer located that particular electromagnetic frequencies averted some cancerous cells from developing without affecting ordinary cells. The researchers carried out these experiments to look at tubes, which is not the same as research in animals or human beings.

In a 2016 overview, the authors checked out research into using electromagnetic frequency for treating cancer. They stated that in a few animal studies, unique frequencies blocked new most cancers cells from forming and inhibited tumor growth. The authors of the evaluation additionally recommended that particular frequencies may additionally modulate the immune system and increase its herbal capability to fight off cancerous cells.

While the authors only determined human studies into the usage of this era, they concluded that those studies propose that electromagnetic frequency therapy is safe, and effects are promising. However, scientists want to carry out further studies to guide these findings. It is critical to observe that none of those studies used the Rife device or the identical electromagnetic frequencies.

Side effects

While no proof using a Rife system can treat cancer, there is also the minimum threat of aspect outcomes. However, Rife machines can vary drastically in pleasant and layout. Some people have reported experiencing electric shocks when they usage of a Rife gadget. Others have developed rashes or skin irritation from the electrical pads, particularly if they use glue.