Facebook says it wants to address misleading health claims


(CNN)Facebook says it wants to ensure its customers aren’t duped using posts that make exaggerated or sensational health claims. The social media massive said Tuesday it had up to date its rankings, so human beings’ information feeds will show fewer posts that, as an example, assert a miracle cure or promote tablets that promise that will help you lose weight. Misleading fitness content is mainly bad for our community.


Facebook product manager Travis Yeh stated in a blog submit. Pages ought to keep away from posts approximately fitness that exaggerates or lie to humans and posts that attempt to sell products using fitness-associated claims. The organization stated it would do that via identifying terms that were usually utilized in such posts.

Facebook and other social media platforms had been criticized for failing to shrink the spread of health-related incorrect information online, specifically around vaccines. Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s leader operating officer, advised CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta last month that the organization has “a duty” to offer its users safe and accurate fitness facts.

Facebook introduced in March that it changed into the running to address vaccine incorrect information on its platform using reducing the distribution of agencies and pages that unfold anti-vax content and by rejecting commercials that encompass misinformation approximately vaccines, among other strategies.

“We are dramatically decreasing the distribution and working on a long way fewer people seeing it. In some of the times, we’re taking matters down, as nicely. It’s taking us some time to ramp this [up], and we are running with professionals around the arena, but we are very, very dedicated to getting this proper,” Sandberg informed CNN.

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