What to do about high blood pressure


In the summertime, warmness and humidity may be risky for adults with high blood pressure. Here is what you want to know to defend yourselves The prevalence of high blood pressure, which is one of the most crucial fitness issues these days, increases frequently. This insidious ailment is visible in a single out of 3 adults in Turkey.

As it does no longer have any signs and symptoms, it’s miles described as the “silent killer. If this circumstance isn’t taken underneath manipulate, it could motive a few different deadly troubles like renal impairment, cerebral hemorrhage, or coronary heart attack. When summer heat, which may harden the body balance of usually healthful people, combines with excessive moisture, the alarm bells start to ring for sufferers with hypertension.

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In the summertime, the frame loses salts, including sodium and potassium, which are critical, and water due to sweating and vasodilation. Then, blood stress additionally decreases. Indeed, it is viable to spend the summertime months healthily for patients with hypertension with some precautions. Acıbadem Kadıköy Hospital Cardiologist Dr. Ulaankhuu Batgerel gave the ten golden guidelines that need to be paid in hot weather.

8 glasses of water

The body starts to sweat so one can prevent the terrible effects of a warm climate. As dehydration in the frame increases, critical hypotension can be visible in patients with hypertension with diuretics used to alter the blood strain. As a result, human beings can faint and develop some essential problems like renal dysfunction. Do no longer neglect to drink 8 glasses ( liters) of water at least.

Quit smoking

Smoking reduces the performance of the anti-oxidant substances that the frame wishes and disrupts the stretching ability of the vessels. Low consumption of alcohol also reduces blood strain with the impact of relaxing the vessels. However, if the amount and frequency of alcohol consumption increases and smoking come with this consumption, blood pressure increases.

Risky hours out of doors

If it is feasible, do not go outdoor among 10 a.M. And three p.M., while daylight reaches the earth on the steepest attitude for the duration of the summertime months. If you stay below the solar during those hours, blood strain decreases to the astringent effect of hot at the veins, and your fluid loss will increase because of sweating.

Avoid tea, coffee

Especially in the summer months, you ought to restrain from eating tea and espresso due to their diuretic outcomes. You can drink one- the cup of tea and one cup of coffee a day.

Sports at night

Exercise is critical for cardiovascular fitness. However, physical games must be done often, at the right time, and insufficient portions for a lifetime. Especially in the summertime, these guidelines are very critical. Hypertension medications with diuretic consequences are added to the lack of fluid in the body because of sweating while workout in a warm climate. Therefore, you need to keep away from doing sports between 10 p.M. And three p.M. When the sun comes upright and take note of doing your exercises in the nighttime hours and two hours after a meal.

Hot or cold bathe?

Coldwater shrinks and narrows the veins, ensuing in multiplied blood stress. If your blood stress is under manipulate and you are taking your medicine frequently, it’s far ok to take a shower with bloodless water. However, if you have uncontrolled blood pressure, a chilly bathe isn’t advocated as it will grow your blood strain values even in addition. In addition, in case you are taking the medicinal drug and doing intense sports activities, you lose more fluid. If you do no longer get enough liquid and feature a warm bath, your blood strain values may also decrease too much.

Sweat-absorbing clothes

Suppose you have to exit, select cotton and mild garments with air permeability in opposition to sweating. Since the toes are one of the most sweaty areas, footwear suitable for summertime and that can get air can be the proper preference. Do not neglect to protect your head with a hat. Use lotions that comprise the proper defensive elements on your skin.

Foods with fiber, pulp

Since the summer season months also are vacation months, the weight loss program of sufferers with high blood pressure may be disrupted, comfort foods and foods with extended shelf-lifestyles (salted) intake will increase. —t

In the summer season, wheat and oat bran, fruits (clean, dried, boiled, cooked), and meals with fiber and pulp that might be smooth to digest like green leafy vegetables must be eaten up. But these ingredients have too much salt—this reasons water and sodium to be saved in the frame, resulting in extended blood strain. Instead of animal proteins, decide upon vegetable proteins. It will help both blood stress manipulate and intestinal fitness.

Your doctor

In the summer, doctor controls are regularly disrupted due to lengthy-time period vacations. As a result, specifically in elderly patients who use multiple medicines and feature more than one persistent disease, side effects can also increase, and serious decreases or will increase in blood salt tiers may additionally occur. Therefore, if you use multiple medicines, together with diuretics, and have blood strain-related kidney trouble or different chronic illnesses, you have to visit your physician each month.