Police seek land in Worcestershire


Investigators are looking at land regions in Worcestershire after new information about Suzy Lamplugh’s disappearance came to light, the Metropolitan police have said. Lamplugh, an estate agent, lacking in 1986 elderly 25, changed into declared lifeless in 1994 and presumed murdered. There were no convictions over her demise.

Police seek land in Worcestershire 1

The Met stated in an announcement that officials have been searching regions of Pershore after a current tip-off. “Officers obtained new information about Miss Lamplugh’s disappearance following the publicity across the seeks of a property in Sutton Coldfield in November 2018, performed as a part of the investigation,” a spokesperson stated. All the records were reviewed. Information relating to the regions we are presently looking for was assessed, and the selection was taken to make similar inquiries.

Lamplugh disappeared after leaving her workplaces in west London to satisfy a client known as Mr. Kipper. Police have launched some of the searches for her remains over time. John Cannan was named because the top suspect inside the case in 2002, and the hypothesis started a closing year after a domestic previously owned by his mom become searched. Cannan became jailed in 1989, following the rape of a woman in Reading inside the same yr as Lamplugh’s disappearance and the rape and homicide of Shirley Banks, and the attempted kidnapping of Julia Holman. He became puzzled about Lamplugh’s homicide in several instances; however, he denies the allegations.

In November, police received a warrant to search Sheila Cannan’s former home in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham, after receiving new statistics about Lamplugh’s disappearance. Police spent weeks digging up a garden and storage place at home. After an in-depth search related to 15 officers, an archaeologist, and a floor-penetrating radar didn’t discover new proof, the quest becomes closed. Assisted by using West Mercia police, officers will continue to be on the website in Pershore till inquiries were finished. The pressure said the landowner become in no way related to the search being undertaken or the research.

A Met spokesperson said: “We will now not be commenting on any hypothesis surrounding the search. Miss Lamplugh’s circle of relatives was notified of the brand new searches. The ongoing research into Miss Lamplugh’s disappearance is being led using the Met’s vital professional crime command. Officers will maintain to evaluate any new records received about this situation.

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