Consume Himalayan Garlic for Managing Diabetes, Cholesterol and Other Diseases


Have you ever heard of Himalayan Garlic? The magical medicinal aspect is known to carry down cholesterol and cure viral infections. Its other regarded names are Kashmiri Garlic or Jammu Garlic and Ek Pothi Lahsun in Hindi. This rare Garlic is harvested once a year in the high altitudes of the Himalayas. It has a bunch of health blessings related to it; test them out:
Regulates Cholesterol Level

If you cannot manipulate the high levels of cholesterol of your frame, have cloves of Himalayan Garlic early inside the morning, empty stomach. It has been referred to that Himalayan Garlic can lower approximately 20dl cholesterol and triglyceride levels in a human frame.

Ensures A Healthy Heart


Besides lowering LDL Cholesterol and triglycerides in the frame, Himalayan Garlic is also beneficial in preventing the formation of plaque and clots in the structure as it’s far able to lower the density of the blood. This Garlic includes a chemical compound known as Hydrogen Sulfide, which allows for loosening up the muscle tissue.

Controls Diabetes

Apart from high blood strain stages, this variant of Garlic also can regulate your blood sugar degrees. The compound Allicin triggers the pancreas to generate insulin inside the frame, and as a result, it enables the body to govern diabetes.

Seasonal cough and cold

Ek Pothi Lahsun is effective in curing seasonal cough and bloodless. If you frequently eat the Himalayan Garlic, your possibilities of getting infected via different diseases additionally lessen. The Himalayan Garlic is wealthy in chemicals known as Alliinase and Alliin, which similarly helps grow an effective compound called Allicin. The combination works as protecting protection and prevents any bacteria-borne illnesses from coming into the frame.

Reduces Cancer Risk

According to the National Cancer Institute, the Himalayan Garlic can lessen the danger of various cancers by 50% in individuals. This is because it incorporates an organosulfur compound named diallyl trisulfide, which kills the cancerous cells.

Liver Health

Himalayan Garlic helps prevent liver-associated diseases like typhoid and jaundice; it can similarly ensure your liver fitness in numerous approaches. Digestive Disorders

As preventive medicine, Garlic helps lessen digestive problems like acid reflux disease and indigestion. However, if you suffer from continual acidity, heartburn, and gastritis, it’s far recommended that you don’t consume Himalayan Garlic.