China warns the UK’s overseas secretary over Hong Kong remarks

China has lodged an authentic protest with the United Kingdom, accusing Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt of “fantasizing within the faded glory of British colonialism” after his comments approximately Hong Kong. It becomes the second day in a row Beijing has hit again at Hunt for remarks he made approximately the unparalleled anti-Beijing protests that rocked the former British colony. While recognizing that Hong Kong is part of China, on Tuesday, Hunt warned of “extreme effects” if Beijing breaches the “legally binding agreement.

The remarks infuriated Beijing, which had already scolded Hunt for a “gross interference” when he voiced help for the protesters. He seems to be fantasizing inside the dwindled glory of British colonialism and within the terrible habit of gesticulating even as searching down on other nations’ affairs,” said overseas ministry spokesperson Geng Shuang at an everyday briefing. I want to re-emphasize that Hong Kong has now lower back to its motherland

S,tated Geng. “The rights and responsibilities again to the British facet underneath the assertion have all been fully applied. The UK, at every flip, considers itself as a guardian that’s not anything but a myth. I need to ask Mr. Hunt … In the course of British colonial duration, has there any democracy to talk of in Hong Kong? In reaction, the UK government summoned China’s ambassador for a dressing-down on Wednesday.

Under the phrases of the 1997 handover deal from British to Chinese rule, which mounted one country, two systems” framework, Hong Kong enjoys rights and liberties unseen in mainland China. Protesters have accused Beijing of reneging on that deal with the assist of unelected leaders.


The UK’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office said Ambassador Liu Xiaoming was summoned on Wednesday over “unacceptable and inaccurate” remarks regarding Hong Kong’s seasoned democracy protests. Liu additionally accused Hunt of interfering in Hong Kong’s affairs and helping “violent lawbreakers,” pronouncing at an unprecedented press briefing in London on Wednesday that the United Kingdom has to “show appreciate” and maintain its “arms off” the semi-independent territory.

Apparently unfazed using Liu’s comments, Hunt – who is presently campaigning to turn out to be the UK’s subsequent top minister – reiterated his complaint in a Twitter publishes following the briefing, saying: Message to the Chinese government: good members of the family among nations are based on mutual recognition and honoring the legally binding agreements among them. That is the first-rate manner to keep the amazing dating among the UK and China.

Demonstrations erupted final month over a controversial extradition bill that could permit suspects to be extradited to mainland China for trial, prompting fears that, if exceeded, the regulation might be used to goal Beijing’s political opponents. The protests reached their height on Monday, when demonstrators stormed the town’s legislature, smashing windows, leaving anti-Beijing messages on walls inclusive of “Hong Kong isn’t China” and in brief striking the territory’s colonial-era flag.

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