Brain damage victim builds guide community in agriculture

A WORKPLACE coincidence wherein her horse spooked then bucked over the top of her has changed each day existence for RaeLea Foley.

“I took the worst of the effect to my head and proper leg,” she said.

“The blow to my head was enough pressure for the helmet to crack leaving me with a scar and a number of inner harm.”
From belongings near Dalby, Queensland, she becomes rushed to the hospital, then flown to Brisbane – she awoke approximately eight hours later in severe ache with no reminiscence of the fall. However, the real tough work became still ahead of her.

From that moment on RaeLea devoted herself to her restoration, with an intention of getting back to her process as a cattle hand. Twelve months on and he or she nonetheless has brief-time period reminiscence loss, hearing loss, everyday complications and blurry vision in one eye, amongst a host of other signs.

The 21-yr-antique, however, doesn’t believe she is alone.

Determined to raise cognizance about mind injury, she has determined to shape a collection Dust off Brain Dust to assist the ones running in agriculture with an injury.

In her opinion, the industry is lagging at the back of in its attempt to guide the ones in recovery or presenting pathways for the ones living with harm to be concerned within the area. After 5 weeks off work after her coincidence in June remaining yr, she again to her antique activity – but because of her harm could not work at the same stage.

“When I first went again to work there were more than one people that had been knowledge and useful however normal the employer wasn’t very supportive,” she stated.

“I were given thrown again into full obligations and turned into predicted to be returned on my horses running full pace on a primary day.

“When I got, here again, there were loads of new faces, and many failed to understand how I changed into previous or what had come about in order that they had been annoyed, inexperience, in my incapability to do something.”

She stayed operating as livestock hand, after which this year moved to South Australia to paintings on a big livestock property as a jillaroo. She truly cherished her process, however, the physical nature and long hours weren’t sustainable even as she turned into healing.

“Doctors instructed me, one greater knock could do severe harm. To a point, this made me fearful about my process and I over analyzed every little component I did,” she stated. “I had problems arise after a while because I turned into driving (motorbikes) for long days each week mustering farm animals.

“That approach stress on my head from the helmet, for up to 10 hours a day, with the regular noise from the bike and a two-manner (radio) in my ear.”

Now based totally close to Gatton, Queensland, decided to stay inside the industry, she has obtained her truck license and is eager to locate work within the cattle transport industry.

“A most important drive for me in developing this project Dust Off Brain Dust is to get people speakme about this difficulty and to train,” she stated.

“In all my jobs because the coincidence a recurring component is … employers and bosses virtually don’t have any revel in working with someone that has both a TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) or Brain Injury. More team of workers want to be knowledgeable about running with someone that has brain harm.

“Everyone is distinct however we can’t run on the identical wavelengths as a person of accurate health.” In her efforts to launch Dust off Brain Dust, RaeLea has discovered there’s power in sharing her tale.

“People need an assist organization they are able to reach out to, to fulfill others going thru the identical thing and others with the identical struggles mentally and physically.

“Hopefully, inspiration and desire will spark some of the organization so we will fight the battles collectively.” The dream intention for the group is so one can provide economic help to those present process treatment and to build a countrywide support network.


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