Retiree injured while massaging chair malfunctions


LOP BURI: A retired soldier became injured whilst an electric powered rub down chair malfunctioned, almost strangling him, at a branch shop in Muang district. Sgt Maj 1 Sutras Muangpha, sixty-three, said he had been a regular rubdown chair service at the store. He discovered it enjoyable. On Monday, he placed 20 baht in coins into the slot in one of the chairs, as standard, for a ten-minute rubdown. It usually functioned for approximately 5 minutes. Then the rollers suddenly started strangling his neck and head. He shouted for help, and those got here to his rescue, Thai media pronounced.

Retiree injured while massaging chair malfunctions 1

He suffered head injuries and swollen eyes.

Representatives of the organization that established the chairs later visited the injured victim and gave him 20,000 baht in compensation. TV Channel 8 stated the representatives stated the firm might take responsibility if all people else suffered equal trouble. But Sgt Maj 1 Sutras said he was now scared of the usage of the chairs – for proper. Photos of the retired soldier and his injuries drew sympathy once they have been published online.

Food and Drug Administration deputy secretary-trendy Surachok Tangwiwat stated the company that set up the rubdown chairs at the shop was registered with the FDA to import medical devices considering that 2016. However, it did now not notify the FDA it changed into uploading electric-powered rub-down chairs.

The FDA has filed costs towards the company for its failure to notify. The offense consists of a maximum penalty of two years’ jail and/or first-class of two hundred,000 baht, Dr. Surachok said. He said the rubdown chairs had been medical gadgets that posed no hazard to lifestyles. They were allowed to be mounted for rubdown and rest. However, any operator who exaggerated the chairs’ advantages, claiming they may cure contamination, might face charges, the FDA deputy secretary-general said.

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