Abu Dhabi launches new dental hygiene campaign

Health officers in Abu Dhabi are urging the public to take higher care of their teeth as part of a wider approach to enhance dental hygiene. The health campaigns come as professionals suggested as many as forty according to cent of their sufferers had in no way used a toothbrush or even heard of toothpaste.

Other surprising memories ­covered a 22-12 months-vintage patient whose enamel have been so decayed that all of them had to be ­extracted. Another victim dabbed petrol on his gums so that you can numb his toothache. Dr Jamal Al Naqbi, of the Abu Dhabi Centre for Public Health, said increasing attention of the importance of oral hygiene become important to people’s properly-being. The offerings are already there; however, we’re seeking to decorate them,” he said. They’re to be had and free of charge, but people are too busy and don’t experience the need to visit a dentist, which is why we need to boom awareness. They most effective visit after they’re in ache.

According to the World Health Organisation, oral and dental diseases are a number of the quickest developing non-viral ailments worldwide. Under Abu Dhabi’s new policy, medical doctors, in addition to dentists, might be requested to conduct rudimentary oral fitness tests on young children up to the age of six. According to figures from the emirates’ Department of Health, greater than 85,000 instances of gum disease had been diagnosed in adults in 2017. About 134,000 cases of tooth decay had been recorded within the equal ­class.

One dentist who works within the government sector, however, who did now not need to be named, said gum disease and enamel decay had been disturbing troubles. She said some of her sufferers believed that just rinsing with water was enough. Forty in step with cent of my sufferers have by no means used a toothbrush, and the rest brush their enamel simplest when they may be ­coming for an appointment,” she said. It’s a cycle with the mother and father in no way brushing their teeth, so their children don’t both. Many don’t even understand what toothpaste is. I even have had a 22-yr-old whose teeth have been so damaged that we needed to have them all ­extracted.

We see horror tales like one affected person putting petrol on a bit of cotton and biting down on it because he had a toothache. People need to visit their dentist every six months, and parents need to educate their children to sweep their teeth. Abu Dhabi Health Authority said the new marketing campaign could cognizance of 4 vital regions: growing a new gadget for oral healthcare services; enhancing community consciousness of the importance of preventive care and oral hygiene; selling research-based totally initiatives in the area, and powerful making plans to ensure the availability of oral healthcare offerings.

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